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Akiiro Bousou Biyori
Title:Akiiro Bousou Biyori 
Author : KAWASHITA Mizuki

Aki is head over heels in love with a classmate but doesn't know how to confess.

Note: In full color 

Files for Akiiro Bousou Biyori :
-  Akiiro Bousou Biyori[color][PlumCity] download
Author : OKAMOTO Lynn

Kumiko left Japan for LA in hopes of becoming a famous actress, but so far has only managed to get jobs as a stuntwoman. Now that her brother is getting married, she's coming back to Japan to visit, but once she arrives, something goes terribly wrong...  

Files for Allumage :
-  Allumage[SnoopyCool].zip download
Atashi no Mannaka
Title:Atashi no Mannaka 
Author : WATANABE Shiho

From Tenshi-Tachi:

In their school, dating was forbidden. Unknowingly, their secret kiss was seen. Now the principal's son is interested in her and takes matters into his own hands. Enmeshed in a dizzying spiral of desire and betrayal, where will she find love?

Note: Due to nudity and "consensual rape", this work is recommended for 16+. 

Files for Atashi no Mannaka :
-  Atashi no Mannaka[Tenshi-Tachi] download
Ba-thump Ba-thump Diary
Title:Ba-thump Ba-thump Diary 
Author : KIM Mi Jung

One day a young girl finds out that the boy she likes is going to transfer to a different school. The only one who knows how much she loves him is her diary. 

Files for Ba-thump Ba-thump Diary :
-  Ba-thump Ba-thump Diary[MegKF] download
Baby Its You
Title:Baby Its You 

From Shoujo Manga Maniac[/n]:
Himeno Ruri is Vice President of the School Council at Seiou Academy! Recently, at a council meeting, a strange matter has come up: "P", the mysterious thief for hire. Who is he, and why does he only steal particular items?

Included in this manga is a oneshot called Baby It's You:

Because of her beauty and status as a school idol, Akami is somewhat forced to take part in a school play. Only problem Akami has is that, the role she's suppose to do is a ''male'' role and she isn't experienced in acting at ALL. 

Files for Baby Its You :
-  Baby Its You[ShoujoCrusade] download
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